The 6th Binarennial

 Association for Computational Heresy : SIGBOVIK


Workshop about

Symposium on

Robot Dance Party of

Conference in Celebration of Harry Q. Bovik's 0x40th Birthday

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Gates Building Hotel Room 404*

1pm, April 1, 2007

Colocated with The Syruposium on Apple-Crisp Mathematics

*actually Wean Hall 7500




Call For Papers

Conference Organizers

Welcome to SIGBOVIK 2007

ACH SIGBOVIK is the Assocation for Computational Heresy Special Interest Group on Harry Queneau Bovik.

Published proceedings now available as a bound book. There are still many copies left of the (slightly inferior quality but still serviceable wire-bound) proceedings from the conference. Email info at sigbovik dot org if you are in pittsburgh and would like a free copy. A PDF file of all papers is also available.

SIGBOVIK 2007 Important Dates

Submission deadline 05:00 AM 1 March, 2007 EDT (Pittsburgh time)
Author notification 15 March, 2007
Final abstract due 30 March, 2007
April 1, 2007

Scope of the Conference

The binarennial SIGBOVIK Conference is a celebration of the work of Harry Quarter-dollar Bovik celebrated on the powers-of-two anniversaries of his birth. As Harry Bovik is a prolific researcher in a variety of areas, the conference will be a forum for research on many subjects: Inept Expert Systems, Deep Space Navigation, Science, Perplexity Theory, Thaughmaturgic Circle, Self Adjusting Computation, Denotational Semantics of Pidgin and Creole, Natural Intelligence, Artificial Stupidity, Elbow Macaroni, Rasterized Love Triangles, Synergistic Hyperparadigmatism, Computational Archaeolinguistics, Hyper Driven Devices, and any other topic approved by the conference organizers.

The Program Committee seeks submissions on the entire range of topics.

Conference Organizers

General Chair: Red Franz
Das Grösse Bög
Ancient Germany ca. 600 BCE,
80538, Bogstadt, GERMANY
Program Chair: Benjamin Roflsberger
Fan mail c/o Tollner, Moon & Steinberg Lulz Management
660 Newport Center Drive, Suite 1000
Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA
Program Committee:
Hans H. HansHHH Laboratories
Jerome BettisBus Tech
Jan Quantz PublijkVrije Universiteit, Hamsterdanz
Jean Quizmaster PrivatMembre Polymorphique, Paris
John Quernstone ProtectedSingleton College
Giovanni Quelquechose PachaggioUniversità degli La Molto-Inheritanza
J. Random and Fred HackerMassholic Institute of Technonomy
Stan Metagnome LangageDecibel Labs, New New Jersey
Curry B. SchönfinkelingSKK International
Plaidy MacTartanCentral Michigan University
S. S. ZeePeano University
T. W. ElfAssociation for Server OK
Alice [REDACTED]University of [REDACTED]
Dea D. BeefHexadecimal Neodigitology Group
Zessa BirbasloCMU Archaeolinguistics Dept.
Local Arrangements: Harry Quizmaster Bovik
Computer Science Dept.
5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213, USA

Call For Papers

Full-length papers are acceptable, but not required: short abstracts are welcome. Submissions should be sent as ps, pdf, or plain text to (info at sigbovik dot org). Authors of accepted abstracts will be allowed twenty minutes to present their work. Any unusual requirements, such as additional time/antitime or special equipment, can and should be arranged through the organizers. There will also be a poster session, and a wide range of poster formats will be accepted as submissions. We will also accept prerecorded talks.


There is no need to register. However, we would strongly prefer if you sent us an email if you are planning to attend or make a submission so we can gauge numbers. If you are interested in presenting, see the call for papers.


We encourage you to print out these posters and put them in relevant places, such as science buildings, coffeeshops, and your forehead. We also encourage you to make your own posters, either for advertising or for the poster session at the conference.

Suggestions or comments? Please contact the organizing commitee (info at sigbovik dot org).