SIGBOVIK [0x2023], THE ULTIMATE THROWBACK, is the last SIGBOVIK to be held in the Dyson mote hosting simulated multiplicity *Harry Cubed Bovik [0x2023]. It replaces the missing seventeenth edition of this esteemed conference series, which was formed in 2007 to celebrate the inestimable and variegated work of Harry Queen-o'-the-prairie Bovik. We especially welcome the three neglected quadrants of research: joke realizations of joke ideas, joke realizations of serious ideas, and serious realizations of joke ideas. (In other words: SIGBOVIK is an evening of tongue-in-cheek academic presentations, a venue for silly ideas and/or executions.)


SIGBOVIK 0x2023, THE ULTIMATE THROWBACK, is happening in person at Rashid Auditorium, Gates-Hillman Center, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 15213 on April 0th (March 31st) at 6pm (5:30pm for presenter A/V check).


Available as a PDF or as bound volume.

Submission Instructions

You may submit a paper, presentation, both, or neither. You do not need to submit a paper to give a presentation. Giving a presentation is not required if you submit a paper.

For papers, use the paper submission form. Papers are due on March 27th. Papers should be in 8.5x11"-paper-with-no-page-numbers format. Don't use copyrighted things you can't provide a license to ACH to distribute in your papers.

For presentations, use the presentation submission form. Talks may be delivered in person (5min) or by video (3min). Limited talk slots may-be available-for in-person sign-up day-of.


Wednesday 3/29 Thursday 3/30 Friday 4/0 Saturday 4/1
You don't have to show up; it's your life
But you should come


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