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Like the research of Harry Q. Bovik himself, the forms of expression for research falling under the purview of the Association for Computational Heresy's Special Interest Group on Harry Q. Bovik (a.k.a. SIGBOVIK) is extraordinarily variegated. The ACH-BOVIK Technical Report Series has been introduced to consolidate and ensure timely dissemination of work that — due to time, space, legal, or metaphysical constraints — is unable to appear in the proceedings of SIGBOVIK's binarennial flagship conference.

If you have material you would like to publish in this technical report series, please contact An example of appropriate BibTeX for citing ACH-BOVIK technical reports can be found here.

2018 Technical Reports

ACH-BOVIK-2018-001 — Technical report
Substituting Teacher Networks: Learning with Almost No Supervision
Samuel Albanie, James Thewlis, and João F. Henriques

2010 Technical Reports

ACH-BOVIK-2010-005 — Audio-visual material
On The Scope And Extent of Day 90 of the Gregorian Calendar
Dr. donna@cs

ACH-BOVIK-2010-004 — Annotated baby picture(s)
A Natural Platform for Artificial Intelligence
Jake Donham, Kit Hodge

ACH-BOVIK-2010-003 — Documented code example(s)
Functional Perl: Recursion schemes in Python (extended case study)
Robert J. Simmons

ACH-BOVIK-2010-002 — Interactive flash application
You Keep Dying
Dr. Tom Murphy VII Ph.D.

ACH-BOVIK-2010-001 — Interactive flash application
Harnessing Human Computation: β–reduction hero
Akiva Leffert

2009 Technical Reports

ACH-BOVIK-2009-002 — Audio-visual material
LFMan: Helping the kids to learn logical frameworks with videosystem
Tom Murphy VII, George Frankly, Kate Monday

ACH-BOVIK-2009-001 — Audio-visual material
Michael Carl Tschantz, Mary McGlohon, Carsten Varming, Jennifer Marlow, Jeffrey Stylos, Stacey Kuznetsov

2007 Technical Reports

ACH-BOVIK-2007-001 — Audio-visual material
Generalized Super Mario Bros. is NP-Complete
Vargomax V. Vargomax

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