SIGBOVIK (Special Interest Group on Harry Qatar Bovik) is an annual multidisciplinary conference specializing in lesser-known areas of academic research such as Sticky-Finger Manipulation, Natural Intelligence, and Retroactive Data.

SIGBOVIK 2024 is the eighteenth edition of this esteemed conference series, which was formed in 2007 to celebrate the inestimable and variegated work of Harry Queen-o'-the-prairie Bovik. We especially welcome the three neglected quadrants of research: joke realizations of joke ideas, joke realizations of serious ideas, and serious realizations of joke ideas. (In other words: SIGBOVIK is an evening of tongue-in-cheek academic presentations, a venue for silly ideas and/or executions.)

SIGBOVIK 2024 is happening in person at Rashid Auditorium, Gates-Hillman Center, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 15213 on April 5th.

Available as a PDF or as bound volume.

The proceedings are not yet available as the conference has not yet proceeded. They will maybe be available for purchase at the conference, or at least an IOU ("I Owe You"), i.e., we owe you one proceedings booklet. We might do a bulk order of physical proceedings for local purchase if it becomes safe to do so in the near future. Or we might not. That does sound like work—and SIGBOVIK is all about play.
"If you love your work, you'll never work a day in your life." —Not Harry Q. Bovik

SIGBOVIK will be held in Rashid Auditorium on April 5 at 6pm EDT.

SIGBOVIK accepts papers, presentations, and reviews. (Feel free to submit a paper without a presentation, a review without a papaer, or any combination you like!) Take a look at past proceedings, available at sigbovik.org, to get an idea of what is typically submitted.

Papers: The submission deadline is March 29, 2024 (March 22, 2024) (March 15, 2024) through this form. To simplify the proceedings-ification process, we ask that submissions not contain page numbers. (If you use LaTeX, try \usepackage{nopageno}) If you experience any difficulties submitting, please contact us.

Presentations: Presentations should (hopefully) be no more than five minutes in length; any presentations that try to skirt above this limit with be agressively forced into a fewer-minute format. Please submit your talks using this form. All talks must be submitted by April 2, 2024. Presenters are invited to register their talks early, and they are welcome to edit their submitted talk until this date. As always, please contact us if you have any difficulties or questions related to the submission process.

Reviews: To submit your triple blind review, download The Official Incredibly Secure Extra Blind SIGBOVIK Review Template (in LaTeX). After filling out review-template.tex, send just your edited review-template.tex to sigbovik-reviews@lists.andrew.cmu.edu (the included .cls file is just so you can see the compiled result). If you are displeased by the lack of templates for alternate document preparation systems, you may send your own Incredibly Secure Extra Blind SIGBOVIK Review Template (in Something Else) to the organizers.

Tuesday 4/3 Wednesday 4/4 Friday 4/5 Saturday 4/6
You don't have to show up; it's your life
But you should come

Stay up to date by subscribing to our very-low-volume mailing list. If you have any questions, you can contact the organizers at sigbovik@gmail.com.

Important Dates

  • April 5, 6pm EDT
    SIGBOVIK conference
  • March 29
    Submission deadline, extendeded
  • March 22
    Submission deadline, extended
  • March 15
    Submission deadline